Our Brands

Because product development and the marketing of delicious organic products is in our DNA, we also have a number of our own brands.

Among these brands we can offer organic products that are distinctive compared to what the market has to offer. And we can experiment with innovative flavors and packaging.

Only organic

only organic stands for real and pure food. For us that means enjoying excellent quality, but above all really tasty products, without frills, like spreads, bean salads and hummus. The taste of these products really comes from the pure ingredients. Organic, but above all without any artificial additives such as colorings, fragrances or flavourings. We do not think that is necessary. Because real food has the best taste, right?! www.onlyorganic.eu

The ‘De Gekroonde Leeuw’ brand

The ‘De Gekroonde Leeuw’ brand has existed since 1850. With over 150 years of experience, ‘De Gekroonde Leeuw’ has the knowledge to turn pickles into really tasty, authentic pickles. How? Well, we keep the recipe a secret, but we would like to invite you to taste our products.